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Aojie disinfection equipment co., LTD
    In 1991, predecessor of Sichuan Aojie Disinfection Equipment was founded in the disinfection factory of the Chengdu Medical Staff University, which was one of the earliest manufacturers who engaged in the production of air disinfection and object surface disinfection equipment.
The "quartz ozone generator" (patent number: ZL 201220391330.4) which is self-developed by Aojie adopts double-side discharge technology of stainless steel net and domestic advanced program control circuit which fundamentally overcome many technical problems as the possibility of ceramic body to produce high temperature under the action of high frequency and high voltage. In addition, the advantage of long service life ensures the stable amount of ozone. Aojie's self-developed plasma adopts technologies including stainless steel plate stamping molding and serrated tip discharge technology, maximum ion concentration up to 20×107/cm3, which has reached the advanced level of developed countries, patent number: ZL 201220387643.2.
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tel:028-61626186   028-61626196 
address:Bai Yun Road179, Eastern Industrial District, Xindu, Chengdu

Address:Bai Yun Road179, Eastern Industrial District, Xindu, Chengdu
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